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Technical Service

Provide the best possible products and "Zero-Distance" service

Shantui is making efforts to establish itself in more world markets,and to set up overseas organizations to better understand local needs and provide more thorough and timely service.

Shantui Oversea Call Center

Shantui Oversea Call Center

International Service Hotline +86-537-2909336
 Customer Training Phone Number: +86-537-2909336
 Warranty Hotline: +86-537-2909295
  • Service Spirit

    Our service spirit is “A customer’s time is more precious than gold”.

    Our service people should always be considerate towards our customers, solve all machine problems quickly and acknowledge that time is money. With the support of 42 agencies and 26 offices distributed all over China, Shantui has a complete after-sales service network, and owns a large amount of service machinery. With a team of more than 1,500 service engineers, a special hotline and a computer ERP information management system, the development, manufacturing and sales departments can meet any requirements and ensure the fulfillment of our service spirit.

  • Service Tenet

    Our service tenet is “Create value for the customer”.

    Shantui acknowledges that the goal of any customer purchasing Shantui products is to earn profit and find value. Thus our service people should have comprehensive service abilities and be able to guide the customer in how to master the operations, maintenance, construction and repair of our machines. Through this, Shantui can guarantee smooth work, which can produce the profit and value for our customers.

  • Service Slogan

    Our service slogan is “Shantui service, anytime, anywhere”.

    The customer can find Shantui service anytime and anywhere.

  • Service Target

    Our service target is to “Center on the customer and provide timely and valuable service”.

    Centered on customer needs, Shantui has developed training programs, a technical enquiry system, customer visits, key project special services (free special coating service, on-site service, extended on-site service), leaving the customer knowing that they have not only purchased a machine, but a complete service network.

  • Service Requirements

    The service is required to be “Concise, Thorough, Proactive and Timely”.

    The requirements for our service personnel will ensure that they are proactive in all customer dealings, reach work sites as quickly as possible, and provide thorough, timely and quick service to save time and create the profit for the customer. Our service requirements are the embodiment of our service spirit, tenet, slogan and target.