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Shantui full-line product range

At present, Shantui boasts a yearly production capacity of 15,000 bulldozers, 7,000 road machinery products, 5,000 concrete machinery products, 180,000 crawler assemblies, 160,000 hydraulic torque converters, 50,000 transmissions, and 1,400,000 parts.

Get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh and build roads across all over the world

Shantui leads technical reform of full-series products of domestic bulldozer

Shantui series bulldozers include 12 horsepower grades, i.e. 520, 420, 320, 240, 230, 220,...

Road Machinery

Pragmatic performance guarantees smoothness all the way

Excellent compaction performance for smooth road pavement

Shantui series road rollers mainly include mechanical vibratory road roller with single st...
Wheel Loader

Bearing load with optimal excavation performance

The strongest drive power and excavation power solve loading difficult problems for you easily

Shantui 6t, 5t and 3t series of loaders are configured with Weichai and SDEC engines, thus...
Concrete Machinery

Building expert, tamping the future

Professional supplier of concrete equipment and solution

Shantui Janeoo Machinery Co., Ltd. is the earliest enterprise producing concrete mixing eq...
Fire Vehicle and Aerial Platform Vehicle

Professional configuration and municipal pioneer

High performance products meet various special municipal and public demands.

Shantui Fuqi Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed and formed six series and more than thirty ...