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Shantui Dazzles BAUMA CTT 2018 with Diversified Products


BAUMA CTT, the largest and most influential construction and engineering machinery exhibition in Commonwealth of Independent States and even the EASTERN Europe, was open on June 5, 2018. Shantui and its exclusive agent T company participated in the exhibition and Deputy General Manager An Lulin of Shantui was invited by the exhibition.

Shantui showed its SD32 and SD20-5 bulldozers, DH17 static hydraulic bulldozer, SP90Y pipelayer, SL30W and SL60W-2 loaders, SG21A-3 all-wheel-drive land leveller and SR18MP-2 road roller as well as some base parts, concrete machinery and excavator, which showed Shantui's supply capacity of all series products and one-stop solution. Apart from traditional products, Shantui showed its new-generation SD20-5 bulldozer, which attracted various customers' eyes and was recognized as a star product of the exhibition. Suppliers organized a party and activities to exchange with customers during the exhibition. As a large enterprise participated in the exhibition, it showed Shantui' s influence in Commonwealth of Independent States in terms of engineering machinery of the group.