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Shantui SD32DQ makes its debut to Middle East Market


Recently, the Shantui SD32DQ desert type bulldozer makes its debut to Middle East market. The 10 units order is the first order of its type globally. The SD32DQ is a variant product designed and customized by Shantui Dubai Branch and Shantui R&D center to meet specific need of Middle East client.

SD32DQ is an upgraded variant product from SD32D to confront server working condition in Middle East desert. According to client’s need, this machine is applicable to heavy load working demands as it has been equipped with an imported Cummins engine that highly boosts engine performance and output power. Air filter of the engine, outfitted with US made Syclon precleaner, is radial sealed to improve filtering result and decrease possibility of abrasion at preliminary stage. Utilization of enlarged water tank, along with heat-resistant tube and mechanical seal, has raised SD32DQ 30% of heat dissipation potential. What’s more, application of heavy duty straight-tilt blade and lubrication type extended track has greatly promoted the machine’s working efficiency and prolonged its life-span.

In 2015 Shantui Dubai Branch has been holding on to localization marketing strategy in products customization, spare parts supply and service improvement. The purchaser of the 10 units SD32DQ gives high praise of Shantui product and service.

This sale breakthrough of SD32DQ enhances Shantui brand image in Middle East area. It has laid a solid foundation for the market exploitation of the area and neighborhood countries.