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Shantui Loaders Promotional Event Held in Russia

Date:Jun 28, 2013 12:00:00 AM | Attention:

On June 25, Shantui held a promotional event for its loaders in the city of Novosibirsk, Russia. The event was organized by Mr. Evgeny Medvedev, the general manager of Shantui's regional dealer AMPS Novosibirsk, and Mr. Yang Hailiang, manager of Shantui's Russia subsidiary company. Ten Shantui loaders were on display, such as the SL30W, SL50W-2, and SL60W-2 wheel loaders, and the SSL750 skid steer loader. The SSL750 is the first of Shantui's skid steer loaders to be sold abroad, and is also the first to enter the Russian market. The machines exhibited were also equipped with a variety of working devices, from the standard bucket to lumber clamps, to snow plows, and even a compacting bucket. The loaders demonstrated their abilities and the utility of the various working devices, performing lifting tasks and feats of strength for the 100-plus crowd.


Advancing the sales of wheel loaders is a key facet of Shantui's international development strategy. With a robust and diversified product line, Shantui seeks to improve its comprehensive competitiveness. The event in Novosibirsk promoted one of these "strategic products": the SL60W-2. The SL60W-2 is the first Chinese 6-ton loader to enter the Russian market, giving Shantui a distinct competitive advantage.


During the opening ceremony, Mr. Medvedev noted that "Shantui boasts a rich product series, and can provide a comprehensive set of solutions." Mr. Medvedev also stated that "Shantui has the confidence to become a brand leader in the Russian market."


Mr. Yang also took the stage,expressing confidence in Shantui's partner: "AMPS has an excellent sales network and service team. They are an influential company, and I believe our loaders are in the right place to achieve excellent sales performance."

Today, Shantui has sales in more than 150 countries and territories around the globe.