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HR Announcement

A Statement about the Phenomenon of Illegally Releasing False Recruitment Information in the Name of Shantui (USA)


Shantui headquarters recently have received calls and online inquiries from many applicants, asking whether our company Shantui (USA) registered in USA was looking for financial personnel in USA. 

Since Shantui launched equipment in the U.S. market at the beginning of 2016, the equipment has been well received and the brand influence of Shantui in USA has become bigger. But some people pretended to be personnel of our company and engaged in illegal recruitment by taking advantage of our influence in USA. Therefore, our company hereby declares that Shantui USA has never released any recruitment information in USA and all recruitment information released in USA in the name of Shantui or Shantui (USA) was not released by our company. 

Shantui reserves the right to bring any individual or any company which had such illegal behavior into court.

Please be vigilant to avoid being defrauded.

Our contact information for communication with applicants is as follows:

Tel.: 0086-537-2909611


Please be vigilant to avoid being defrauded.