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Li Xuanqiu


Li Xuanqiu (born in May 1982, joining Bulldozer Institute of Shantui Construction Machinery Research Institute in July 2007)

I received full-time postgraduate education from Jiangsu University. I feel deeply that Shantui attaches much importance to technologies and has a strong desire for talents. All-round services of food, clothing, housing and transportation provided from the beginning, and staff training, career planning, development goals and many other aspects show the company’s respect and sense of responsibility for staff’s development willingness, and show the company’ consistent policy of “attracting talents and developing talents”.

In November 2010, I participated in 3D computer-aided design contest of Shandong equipment manufacturing industry and won the first prize in parts category. In January 2011, I was appointed as the Head of Transmission System Research Office of Bulldozer Institute of Shantui Construction Machinery Research Institute. In March 2011, I was awarded the “Enriching People and Revitalizing Shandong” Labor Medal by the Shandong Federation of Trade Unions, and took charge of and participated in development and design of many new products such as SD52-5 bulldozer transmission, SD24-5 bulldozer and SD22-3. 

Shantui carries aspirations and dreams of all staff. Rapid development of Shantui will definitely bring rapid progress of all staff. In Shantui, there is a complete set of scientific human resources management system for talent recruitment, selection, employment and development. In Shantui, all staff get stages for showing their talents, and enjoy good growth environment, effective performance assessment and incentive mechanism, rich corporate culture and favorable benefits. So every ambitious and capable person can give full play to capabilities at their posts and fulfill their ambition here.