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David (Born in April 1958, joining Shantui in January 2010, an enterprise promotion expert from USA)

I’ve been working in Shantui for so long. Basically it’s a very good experience.

This is not the first time that I have worked for a Chinese company. I worked in Taiwan for nearly two decades. So I have got used to such working environment. 

First of all, I’d like to say what I feel about Shandong Province. Shantui is Shandong in miniature. I can definitely say that the “Friendly Shandong” slogan is totally correct. Shandong people are really different. They are very friendly to people from other countries. So for we foreigners, we feel very happy living in Jining. 

I feel very honored to be part of Shantui. First, my colleagues are very friendly and happy. Second, everyone has a very clear goal and is brave to face international challenges. Our company has grown very fast, so we all are very motivated. Third, my colleagues want to learn English well. They like speaking English with me which I think is necessary. I like their learning spirit. Everyone is pursuing their goals. So our working environment is very good. 

Finally, I hope Shantui will grow stronger!