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Shantui Mission
Strive to become stronger, pursue excellence, and give back to the customers, shareholders, employees and the society with first-class performance
Shantui Vision
Become a construction machinery manufacturer owning core technology and international competitiveness with sustainable development
Connotation of Shantui Enterprise Culture
Virtuous and Persistent --- Innovative and Progressive          
View of Value of Shantui
People orientated, virtue first and innovation applied          
Shantui Spirit
Learning, improving, innovation and transcending
Shantui Operation Philosophy
Value Leading --- Win-win Future
Quality Philosophy
Rule fist, thorough improvement, win-win and mutual trust
Service Philosophy
Shantui Service --- Anytime & Anywhere
Management Philosophy
Process is well-founded, execution is powerful, cooperation is orderly and management is effective.
Talent Philosophy
Respecting Talents --- Talents Foremost
Marketing Philosophy
Honesty oriented, responsibility first and service foremost
Research & Development Philosophy
Focusing on customer experience, and leading the technology through innovation
Production Philosophy
Customer First --- Precise Intelligent Manufacturing
Security Philosophy
Defining responsibility, adopting prevention measures and emphasizing implementation
Incorruption Philosophy
Governing with integrity, cultivating moral with frugalness and booming the career with diligence
Social Responsibility Philosophy
Creating Value --- Giving back to the Society