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High-tech Enterprise of China Torch Program

Shantui Research & Development Center owns a complete product development system, including digital simulation platform, technical standard platform, experimental testing platform, new product trial production platform, whole machine verification platform and research & development information platform. It owns a national-level enterprise technical center, provincial-level engineering technical research center of earth moving machinery, provincial-level industrial design center, post-doctoral scientific research station and other innovation platforms.

Shantui Research & Development Center has a research & development team of 559 employees; 2 of them refer to Taishan Scholars, who are specially invited overseas experts; 4 of them are experts with outstanding contributions, enjoying governmental subsidy; 4 of them are senior engineers; 25 of them are deputy senior engineers; and 490 of them are of college degree or above. It has introduced and employed construction machinery experts from the USA, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and Italy successively, who are responsible for technical consulting and guiding in major scientific research projects. In addition, it has selected and assigned multiple senior and medium technical management personnel to engage in advanced studies in famous colleges at home and abroad, so as to culture and reserve talents effectively for making the Company become an international construction machinery manufacturer. It has a long-term cooperation with universities including Zhejiang University, Tongji University, Chang’an University, Shandong University, Beihang University, Jilin University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology; it researches advanced technologies of construction machinery, promotes the technical application, and undertakes research of national scientific and technological support program projects (subjects) and national major scientific research subjects such as “863”.

The Research & Development Center implements the whole-process control of new product design, trial production, verification and small-scale production according to dual authentication standards of ISO9001 and GJB 9001B, and the product design widely adopts international advanced 3D and simulation software and PDM data management system according to provincial-level AAAA (senior grade) technical standard system, thus integrating development design, technology and manufacturing effectively; in addition, the Center has established complete new product test and verification system, utilizes the cooperation with universities such as Zhejiang University and Tongji University to establish domestic advanced experimental testing platform, and introduces virtual analysis of digital simulation platform at the same time, thus making key parts and whole machines verified effectively; conducts whole machine verification under various construction conditions before products enter the market, and during the small-scale production, the Center strictly controls the production process, component inspection and core part experiment, so as to guarantee the maturity of products of large-scale production and guarantees the product research & development capability as well as research & development quality.

In order to accelerate the progress of new product marketing, shorten the maturation period of new product and enhance new product quality, Shantui Research & Development Center undertakes small-scale production of new products, formulates and implements Control Procedure of Small-scale Production, and organizes small-scale production according to the small-scale production process of “small-scale decision-making – labor division and preparation for production – product procurement and manufacturing – whole machine verification and evaluation – market promotion and acceptance”.

Shantui is a national high-tech enterprise, and is recognized as a high-tech enterprise of China Torch Program, and it has passed national ISO14000 environmental system certification and national system certification of intellectual property management code. Shantui owns 859 patents, 70 of which are authorized invention patents; in addition, it has won 20 provincial-level and ministry-level scientific and technological achievement rewards, formed 1,057 enterprise technical standards, formulated and revised 16 national and industrial standards, and it owns nearly 200 scientific and technological achievements.