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About Shantui

About Shantui

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As the biggest island country among the West Indies, Cuba at the northwest in Caribbean sea is composed of more than 1600 islands such as Cuba island and Isla De La Juventud (formerly called as Pine Island) and is honored as key to ‘Gulf of Mexico’. 

The whole islands have beautiful scenery. In Varadero, the blue sky, the white clouds, the clean beaches and the blue seas add radiance and beauty to each other. In Havana, old Spanish buildings could remind you of the time going by. In Santiago, magnificent natural landscape let you feel the wonderfulness of the nature. All the above is only part of Cuba homeland they are very proud of. Building of so wonderful homeland connects the Cuba with a brand from the eastern mystical ancient country in every way. 

Yes, this mystical ancient country is China and this brand is Shantui. 

Near thirty years witnessed the rapid development of Cuba infrastructure and mining, which increasingly needs the engineering machinery. 1980s saw the first Shantui TY220 bulldozers arrived in Cuba. Up to now, there are thousands of constructional machinery exported to Cuba, covering bulldozers, loaders, excavators and others. As time goes, the Shantui rises day by day.  ‘Intelligent Make in China’ is built on user’s good reputations and praises. 

Take the nickel ore as the example, the nickel is always one big part of foreign exchange income. The customers decisively chose Shantui 220hp bulldozers and participated the company construction as soon as they learned of Shantui, abandoning their always used European and American bulldozes. They found the Shantui equipments have improved the work efficiency and brought in the considerable economic benefit. All is attributed to Shantui reliable quality and near-perfect performance. 

User experience is the best evidence. Now, the widely known Shantui becomes the first choice of Cuba government in the engineering machinery and shares the large market of Cuba engineering machinery. Shantui always makes commitment to municipal construction, harbor construction, hotel building and others. In 2015, Shantui participated the projects related to Cuba Ministry of National Defense by signing more than two hundreds of equipments covering bulldozers, road rollers and loaders, with the terminal customers coming from divisions of Cuba governments. Cuba approval of Shantui is to allow Shantui to participate the construction of their country. 

This history of Shantui in Cuba witnessed the increasing relationship between Cuba and China and the friendship between the two peoples. Shantui will continue writing down the history on this beautiful land and will keep making contributions to the development of Cuba-China relationship.