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About Shantui

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Full-hydraulic bulldozers make Shantui to be one of excellent companies in producing the engineering machinery, delegating the outcomes of Shantui technical innovation and the highest technologies in the bulldozer industry. This series of bulldozers give the customer more options to select the European conventional full-hydraulic products or the Shantui ones competitive to the European one. 

Shantui Project in Philippine is a good example. In order to satisfy the construction purposes and needing, the customer eventually chose Shantui after giving in-depth survey and overall considerations to performance, price and after-sale service between Shantui and European brands. That means not only that Shantui beats the competitors, but also that the customer approves the Shantui full-hydraulic bulldozers.  

At the beginning of 2015, Shantui delivered the equipments valuing more than 39million RMB to Philippine’s customers. Those equipments have been applied to the 23 construction sites, such as water conservancy construction, farmlands and municipal engineering, where the islands near the Palawan have so great influence that the Palawan TV station gives the interviews and reports. 

As Shantui SD10YE full-hydraulic bulldozers are exported for the first time, for the equipments’ normal working and the following improvement, some technicians dispatched by our company provided the all-the-way tracking service and gave the handover training and operational demonstration together with the local dealers, enabling the customers to learn the Shantui bulldozers’ daily maintenance and operational essentials. Customers gave highly appraise to this training. 

Up to now, it has had more than one year since those equipments were put in use. Excellent Shantui products enjoy a lot of good reputations, specially the SD10YE full-hydraulic bulldozers due to the easy operations and reliable and steady performances. Those products in Philippine lay a foundation for sale of similar products and others in Philippine or even in the whole southeast Asian market.